Completed Ph.D Thesis

Sr.No. Name of Ph.D student Ph.D thesis title Year of Registration Year of degree award

Dr.Bhavana N. Joshi

Growth and characterization of Low-k Dielectric Thin Films for VLSI Applications

2006 2010

Dr.Yogesh Mhaisagar

Surface modification and electrical characterization of porous low-k thin film for nanoelectronics applications

2009 2014

Dr. Anil G. Khairnar

Deposition and characterization of High-k Dielectric Thin Films for MOS capacitors

2011 2015

Dr. Ravindrakumar G. Bavane

Synthesis and characterization of thin films of conducting polymer for gas sensing applications

2007 2015

Dr. Anil S. Gaikwad

Synthesis and Characterization of Silica Aerogel Thin Films As Inter Layer Dielectrics (ILD) In ULSI Circuits.

2013 2017

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