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International Consortium Projects: CABCIN, NMU Co-ordinator: Prof. A. M. Mahajan  

Establishment of Capacity Building Centers as a Sustainable Solution to Raise the Standards of Teaching Staff in Indian HEI's CABCIN


 15th Oct 2016 to 14th Oct 2019 nbsp;

(947,741,66 EUR),NMU(68,210 Euro)  


Major Research Project  

  Investigation of high-K dielectrics ultra-thin films on compound semiconductor by ALD for alternative Gate stack Devices.  

 CSIR, New Delhi  


 12.50 Lacs  


Major Research Project  

Depostion and electrical characterization of rare earth oxide doped high-k films on Si substrates for nanoscale MOSFETs

UGC, New Delhi  


10.98 Lacs  


Ion irradiation beam time 

Study of radiation effect on dielectric thin films for CMOS/ULSI technology

IUAC, New Delhi 

1 run-3 shift 

Ion irradiation and characterization facilities along with TA/DA, accommodation of P.I.& Research students;


 INUP, CEN, IIT Mumbai

 Fabrication and characterization of silica aerogel low-k based MIS structures.

 CEN, IIT, Mumbai   

 12 weeks  

 Collaborative work under Indian Nanoelectronics User Program (INUP)  

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